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Protective reppelent with polishing effect HYDROEFFECT-AUTOSHEEN

A significant increase in the production of cars in the world has led to increase in demand for care products. The use of protective reppellents with a polishing effect prolongs the service life of the transport, increases the safety of its exploitation.

Our company has developed a new universal composition of protective reppelent with a polishing effect "SHEEN", with high performance characteristics and taking into account the disadvantages of known polishing compounds

Wax and paraffin currently remain the main components of numerous car polishing compositions, which add shine to the lacquer surface and water resistance. However, the main disadvantage of such compositions is low heat resistance, since the melting temperature of wax and paraffin are equal approximately 85 C. Therefore, they evaporate under the influence of the sun's rays, or are removed with a solution of detergents in hot water.

The second disadvantage of wax-containing agents is stickiness to microparticles.

The use of nanoparticles in the water-repellent protective compound "SHEEN" provides a number of advantages. Due to the ease of distribution of the composition over the surface, using the new technologies, we have created formulations, the use of which consists in applying a thin layer of the composition and erasing its excess amount from the surface to achieve a brilliant gloss and more deep color. The polished surface remains smooth and dry, doesnt get dusty and doesnt get dirty for a long time. Durable waterproof coating is resistant to stains and streaks when water and dirt gets into. Applying "SHEEN" on the surface increases the hydrophobicity, the lacquer layer of the car becomes more durable and more resistant to atmospheric influences and water.

The polished surface remains clean longer than usual, the gloss is easily renewed, dust sticks much less and is easily washed off with water or rain it triggers the socalled self-cleaning effect.


Cost savings for 5-10 washes after 2 times surfase treatment;

Decreases of corrosion rates and aging of the cars body and parts;

Effects of Self-cleaning, Anti-icing, Running drops.

It should be added that the market already has several compositions of the socalled ceramic coating for cars based on silicon-organic compounds. This is a professional car cosmetics and their application involves careful preparation of the car. As a rule, the entire procedure of applying such compositions takes about three days and costs more than 10 thousand rubles (140 euro). In this case, different compositions are used on different parts

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