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Varnish for stone effect "Wet Stone" with a water-repellent effec

Field and method of application:

It is used inside and outside the space for metal, for mineral surfaces (natural and artificial stone, brick, concrete, etc.), except for floors and roofs. The varnish is designed to protect, renovate, restore and preserve the materials being processed, due to their waterproofing.

Mechanism of action:

Unlike most existing analogues, domestic and foreign, which are kept on the material surface only by very weak adhesion forces, this varnish, penetrating to a depth of 15 mm, creates a polymolecular layer with powerful chemical "stitching" of the molecules of the coating and the surface, forming a single monolith with the material and does not allow the emergence and spread of microcracks. Varnish has high water and dirt-repellent properties. At the same time, the vapor permeability of the material is also preserved. The service life of this layer is at least 5 years.

Processing conditions:

At a temperature not lower than + 5 °C and humidity not more than 80%.

Mode of application:

The varnish is applied on a dry surface, cleaned of dirt and efflorescence.

Before applying to a large area it is recommended to carry out a test application on a small area to check the expected effect;

Before use, the composition must be thoroughly mixed;

The composition is applied with a spray, brush or roller until the absorption stops, or in such a way that there are no smudges on the surface;

When processing porous materials, the application of the composition is recommended to be repeated after 10-20 minutes, avoiding complete drying of the previous layer.

Varnish consumption depends on the porosity of the treated surface and is in the range (150 - 250) ml/m^2.

Testing the quality of the coating is carried out after complete polymerization and drying of the treated surface - not earlier than after 3 days (with abundant application of water, it should roll off the surface in the form of drops, and the surface shouldn’t be wetted).

Security measures:

During operation, it is necessary to adhere to the requirements of GOST 12.3.005-75, using rubber gloves, a respirator, protective clothing, etc. After drying, the treated surface is nonflammable, non-toxic.

Security feature:

Varnish WS is non-toxic, non-flammable, non-explosive, not self-igniting.

Shelf life: 1 year.

Storage conditions: + 5-25 ° C.

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