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Plasticizing concrete additive "Hydroeffect-W20"


Concrete additive "Hydroeffect-W20" is added into the composition of building and other cement-containing materials in their manufacture to protect, improve production technology and technical characteristics of materials.

Concrete additive "Hydroeffect-W20" has unique performance even when compared with the most well-known additives on the global market. Additive doesnt contain components that cause corrosion of rebar. Also it can be used without restrictions for reinforced concrete structures, including structures with pre-stressed reinforcement. The additive is intended for production of all types of concrete mixes with high strength, high dewatering, high mobility, low water permeability and high frost resistance with the ability to preserve the mobility of the mixture.

Mechanism of action:

From the beginning of the cement mixture formation, the cement particles partially dissolve, and as a result a plastic (dough-like) mass is formed, which upon evaporation of excess water and solidification forms pores and capillaries in the cement stone. When cement stone hardens, HYDROEFFECT wraps the inner walls of the pores and capillaries with a membrane and makes them hydrophobic. As a result, the concrete doesnt absorb the external water, and water vapor, that has entered to the pores, doesnt have ability to condense into liquid. Thus, we get cement stone, durable and inaccessible to water.

Concrete additive "Hydroeffect-W20" is a universal hyperplasticizer for all types of concrete, concrete goods and constructions. The complex plasticizing additive "Hydroeffect W-20" is used in the industry of building materials for the preparation of injections, mortars and concrete mixtures, used in the construction of various structures. The technical result consists in increasing the strength characteristics of density and reduction of water absorption of the cement composition at a constant content of cement.

The technical result is achieved due to the fact that the complex additive for the building mixture is characterized by the fact that it contains organosilicon component and is an aqueous solution of a mixture of polymers, containing the products of co-condensation of carboxylate polyether and sodium methylsiliconate. Hydroeffect-W20 is a branched surfactant composition, that improves the coating of the cement by the additive, allows to reduce the cement content in the concrete mix and to increase its strength characteristics, density, and to reduce water absorption at the same cement content.

The co-condensation of carboxylate polyester and sodium methylsiliconate allows to obtain a mixture of branched molecules of different structure. Such a structure of polymers allows to stabilize the composition, eliminating the possible hydrolysis of carboxylate polyester in water, as well as to improve the characteristics of the cement stone without negative consequences for early and final strength:

1. Concrete additive Hydroeffect-W20 is produced in a liquid form, which is convenient during storage and dosing of the composition. Packaging - 24 kg cans and 1,200 kg eurocubes.

2. The additive has a long shelf life (2 years) and doesnt lose its properties during storage.

3. Hydroeffect-W20 is added into the cement mixture with mixing water.

Consumption: 0.45- 0.7% by weight of cement.

Security measures: when working, it is necessary to comply with the requirements of GOST 12.3.034, using rubber gloves, a respirator, protective clothing, etc.

Safety features: Concrete additive "Hydroeffect-W20" is non-toxic, non-flammable, non-explosive, non self-igniting.

Shelf life: 2 years

Storage conditions: + 5 +25 .


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